What to Label ?

OLATHE, Kan. — “The Jameson guys,” as some on the staff at Austins Bar and Grill knew the pair, were on the patio on Wednesday evening. It was hardly unusual: Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani, two immigrants from India, often enjoyed an after-work whiskey at the bar they had adopted as a hangout.

Adam W. Purinton was also there, tossing ethnic slurs at the two men and suggesting they did not belong in the United States, other customers said. Patrons complained, and Mr. Purinton was thrown out.

But a short time later, he came back in a rage and fired on the two men, the authorities said. Mr. Kuchibhotla was killed, and Mr. Madasani was wounded, along with a 24-year-old man who had tried to apprehend the gunman, who fled.

Mr. Purinton, 51, was extradited to Kansas from Missouri on Friday, and he is charged with premeditated first-degree murder and two counts of attempted premeditated first-degree murder.

This post, is only to ask America, which is going to make itself great, can they bring any alternative of our two people to compensate their family ? No !

Again I want to ask, their is a label, they call it Islamic attack, when someone of name Abdullah, Or Zahid do terror activity. Now should we call it a Christianity attack ? Or Christian Bible talk of hate crime ?

Yeah I know, this is aggressive, coz no religion in general teaches this, so called terrorism or HINSA.


Startup India Learning Program offers free online entrepreneurship course.

On January 15, when the entire ecosystem gathered in New Delhi on the occasion of Startup India’s first anniversary, entrepreneur Ronnie Screwvala announced the launch of a learning and development programme.

Though my post on this is late, but the sign up in this programme is still on. “better late than never”

Ronnie Screwvala

Developed by Invest India in collaboration with UpGrad, the Startup India Learning Program is meant to help entrepreneurs get their ideas and ventures to the next level through structured learning.

A four-week online programme, it will help those looking to take the entrepreneurial plunge as well as people already a couple of years into their journey. The objective is to inform them about the key steps in setting up a venture as well as to expose them to the possible challenges. Interested people can create an account and sign up for the programme, free of charge.

Through this programme, participants will gain industry insights, certification, and help with formulating business plans. It will also be responsible for networking and mentoring. Through the programme, which is available in both Hindi and English, entrepreneurs can learn about real-life successes and failures from top Indian entrepreneurs across domains.

“The level of evangelising that has taken place for startups and entrepreneurship in this country has to deliver in the next five to 10 years,” said Ronnie.

Although he made it clear that entrepreneurship is not something that can be taught, he did elaborate upon what the programme can do to help those who are already inclined towards it.

“There is so much in the first year, second year, and third year that we can learn from cross-learning and can also learn some basic, rudimentary things. So, this course is meant for those who are sitting on the fence deciding to be an entrepreneur or somebody who has been in entrepreneurship for two, three, or five years,” said Ronnie.

He added that in our country, there are certain perceptions about innovation — we relate it either to new apps or the service sector. The manufacturing sector is one of the many that requires innovation, and so he feels this is a perception that needs changing.

According to UpGrad, Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and DIPP Secretary R Abhishek expect this platform to benefit one lakh entrepreneurs in the first year and over the next two to three years, support the ecosystem of over one million new entrepreneurs.


Thanx Govt. and Ronnie Sir and other thinkers 🙂

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Art by Theo Prins


We blogger right so much, we have a responsibility too, to give each other a light moment amidst heavy writing, in my personal opinion. So lets celebrate the art of this creative artist, and give happiness to our eyes 🙂


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3 Time Travel Conspiracies.

Time travel has always been a fascinating topic and has also led to the birth of many conspiracies. Are these stories mere urban legend or is there some truth behind the seemingly impossible events described?

While no clear evidence for time travel exists, there have been some strange events that might make you question whether it’s possible, and it’s true that governments are great at covering up what really takes place—both in this timeline and probably others.

lets check number 3.

Andrew Carlssin

After investing $800 in the stock market, Andrew Carlssin made over $350 million dollars in just two weeks in March of 2003. Authorities were sure that insider trading was the reason behind the astronomical gains, and he was taken into custody for questioning during which Carlssin claimed to be from the year 2256. Which explains his wise investment.

After spending a month in custody, Carlssin was due to face trial, but he was unexpectedly released after an unknown man paid his $1 million bail. After his release, Carlssin disappeared without a trace.

It was later revealed that during his questioning, Carlssin correctly predicted the date of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, which could have been a lucky guess. However, further evidence supports Carlssin’s time travel claims. No records of the man can be found dating before December 2002, when he insisted he had arrived from the future. Also, since his disappearance in 2003, the feds haven’t been able to find Carlssin under any aliases. So is it possible that he returned to his own year after the investment plan didn’t go quite how he wanted it to?


Rudolph Fentz

Check no.2

In 1950 a man clad in 1870s garb was seen in the middle of busy Time Square. This man would later be identified as Rudolph Fentz after he was fatally hit by a car.

Not only was his confused state and clothing strange and out of place, but what was found in his pockets was baffling. He had a letter dated 1876, a metal coin good for a beer from an unknown tavern, a receipt for horse and carriage care, several vintage business cards, and some cash.

Okay, so anyone can put on an old suit, stuff some dated paperwork in their pockets, and wander around busy Time Square; but there are a few things about this story that bring time travel to mind. First of all, none of the documents or clothing showed yellowing, discoloration, or rips; they were pristine.

It was also unclear why the man was disoriented and wandering in the middle of one of the busiest streets in the US. Furthermore, police found no recent records for Rudolph Fentz, but after examining older archives discovered that a man by the name of Rudolph Fentz disappeared in 1876, the same date on the letter he was carrying.

Amazing ? or Confusing ? or Conspiracy ?

John Titor

My number one, at least he claimed of Time-Machine, the machine, product.

Probably one of the most well-known time travellers, John Titor supposedly arrived at our timeline in the year 2000 from the year 2036. This was when he began communicating with a growing number of people online, answering their questions and giving predictions and advice for the future. He also posted pictures of his time machine and explained how it worked.

Months after his posts began, Titor vanished claiming that he was going to go back to his own worldline. Although some of his predictions have not held up (like WWIII breaking out in 2015), there are some things that would be very hard for him to know without having come from the future; for example, the growing tension and war between Iraq and Afghanistan.

Because Titor hasn’t been seen or heard from, for the past fourteen years, it makes his story all the more mysterious. Maybe his travelling to this time has changed some major events that he predicted back in 2001. Who knows? Wherever Titor is now, hopefully, the catastrophes that he said would happen in the future have been prevented.

Hope you will find it beneficial, and time worthy.

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