Indian spices with desi term :)

​I know its quite feminine, haha, but it seems to be imp, when you have no sister around and ur mamma is not at home.

Glossary of Indian spices, Indian spices names in English and Hindi

Spices are wonderful! I remember looking into my mom’s metallic round spice box with their little containers and smelling each of the spices. 

Our kitchens are known for the aromas the spices bring on! India is home to a large variety of spices that find their way through into many cuisines. Most of Indian recipes on the Internet mention the spice name in hindi and english both. But I thought everything is present on net today, it depends how we make it more convenient for others 🙂 So I thought of making a glossary of all the terms that I come across and their Indian name (hindi) for my reference. Just thought I should share it here so that it can be useful for you and also enriched further by your knowledge. This is a work-in-progress. If you know about a spice that is missing here or if there is an ingredient that you cannot find a corresponding Hindi/English name; do add it through the comments.

The variety of Indian spices is so large that it rarely happens that any spice a recipe calls for, is not available here. It’s just that we know it by a different name.

English to Hindi

1 Fennel Saunf
2 Asafoetida hing
3 Basil Tulsi
4 Bay Leaf Tej Patta
5 Black Pepper (or White Pepper) Kali Mirch (or Safed Mirch)
6 Black Salt/ Himalayan Rock Salt Kala Namak/ Sanchal
7 Cardamom Elaichi
8 Carom seeds, thymol, Celery seeds Ajwain
9 Cinnamon Dalchini
10 Chilli Powder Mirchi powder (usually red chilli/ lal mirch)
11 Coriander/Cilantro Dhania
12 Cloves Laung, lavang
13 Cumin, Caraway Zeera, jeera
14 Curry Leaves Kadi Patta
15 Dry mango powder Amchoor
16 Fenugreek Methi
17 Flax Seed Alsi
18 Garlic Powder Lahsun Powder
19 Ginger Powder Adrak Powder
20 Gooseberry Powder Amla Powder
21 Lemon Grass Nimbu Ghaas/ Hari chai ki patti
22 Mace Javitri
23 Mint Pudina
24 Mustard Seeds Rai/ Sarson
25 Nigella Seeds Kallongi
26 Nutmeg Jayphal
27 Peppercorns Kalimirch
28 Pomegranate seeds Anar dana
29 Poppy seeds Khas khas, post dana
30 Rock Salt Sendha Namak
31 Rose Petal conserve Gulkand
32 Saffron Kesar, Zaffran
33 Sesame seeds/ Gingili seeds Til
34 Star Anise Chakri fool (by popular votes!)
35 Tamarind Imli
36 Turmeric Haldi

 BTW my mamma is not with us since 3yrs, yes she is still alive #ALHUMDOLLILLAH 🙂 She is in another city for next 3yrs, in a Job with Govt.


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