Set the level.

After the terror attack in Paris, there was a similar attack in Mali in West Africa. Terrorist activities in Africa are increasing by the day, thanx to rising might of groups like Boko Haram.
My advise is…just as a student, after any terrorist attack, it is advisable to strike a severe blow on the perpetrators of the attack with an aim to eliminate the menace. This would have two effects; the victims of terror would get justice(fast-track), to a certain extent, and the terrorists would suffer a grave setback, even if they are not immobilized for ever. The radicals need to be punished first. Only then can the process of reconciliation , or of dialogues , be initiated.
Free society has a duty to bring the wayward elements of this world back into the fold of sanity(quite impossible,coz the business of arms nd ammunition will come at halt,nd freemasions…will never let it happen)
Today in the newspaper its flashing again a terror act by Muslims name Tashfeen Malik along wid her husband Rizwan Farook, killed 14 persons in California on Thursday .
It is sad for these people who think they are pleasing ALLAH(swt){which was never allowed in Islam since time immemorial.} but infact they are trapped by Satan. Isis claimed the couple were followers of their militant group.
Since the perpetrators tend to convert young and unsuspecting minds into hate mongering souls so that they commit acts of terror. Right thinking nations, with the United Nations, must chalk out long-term programmes to make everybody in this world see reason.
Only then can peaceful coexistence become a possibility.


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