7 places around the world where the Rupee will make you feel rich.

You’ve just returned from your European escapade or from a trip to the States and the dismal state of your bank account makes you want to cry. Fret not, becauseSkyscanner brings you a list of destinations where the Rupee is quite strong and you feel like royalty! 

1. Cambodia 

Has watching a sunrise at the Angkor Wat always been at the top of your bucket list? Your dream can easily come true, given that Cambodian Riel equals about 0.015 INR! Hire a bicycle and spend a few days taking the time to explore the glorious Khmer ruins at the Angkor Wat. Visit Siem Reap and party it up in this vibrant city. The Siem Reap night market is a great place for a good bargain. Unwind on the sandy beaches of Sihanoukville, a 4 – 5 hour bus ride from Phnom Penh.

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These ancient ruins will delight the history buff in you


2. Zimbabwe 

While Zimbabwe’s official currency is the USD, the crazy inflation rates in the country have made things like food and local sightseeing very inexpensive for the tourist. So take advantage of this, and plan a trip to see the thundering Victoria Falls. Harare, the capital city has a vibrant culture, and is teeming with activities for you to try out. The shopping and nightlife are great too. You’re in Africa, and you cannot miss out on its amazing wildlife. Take a safari in one of Zimbabwe’s many national parks such as Victoria Falls, Mana Pool or Hwange, and get up, close and personal with the lions, leopards, elephants and hyenas! Getting to Zimbabwe may be a tad bit expensive but once you are there, boarding, eating and getting around is considerably cheap.

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Explore the wilderness and wildlife at one of Zimbabwe’s many nature parks


3. Paraguay 

The Paraguayan Guarani is about 0.013 INR, which means immersing yourself in Guarani culture, soccer and yummy South American food is quite inexpensive. The capital city of Asuncion is a mix of old world charm, historical buildings and modern restaurants and bars. Visit the Palacio de los Lopez at dusk when the lights come on, and catch a show at the Teatro Municipal. Take a trip to Encarnacion, Paraguay’s “Capital de Carnaval”, 370 km from Asuncion. The attractive city’s river beach is a huge draw, making it a perfect getaway to unwind. Encarnacion is also the base for visiting the famous Jesuit reducciones of Trinidad and Jesus, a UNESCO world heritage site. Flights to Paraguay from India are upwards of Rs.100000 but you may be able to land a cheaper deal if you book well in advance.

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If a culture shot is what you are looking for, head straight to Paraguay

4. Laos 

As soon as you step into Vientiane, the country’s capital city, it is very hard to miss the warmth and friendliness that the place exudes. Laos has all the amazing Buddhist temples, lush countryside and lip-smacking food, with half the crowd as Thailand. Visit former capital city, Luang Prabang, a UNESCO heritage site, full of colours and vibrant culture.

The Bokeo Nature Reserve at Huay Xai is a draw for a lot of visitors, thanks to its Gibbon Experience. The area is home to diverse wildlife including clouded leopards, the black-crested gibbon and tigers. And the best part is the Lao Kip is just 0.0076 INR, which means all this is super- affordable!

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Food, culture, history, wildlife – there’s so much to see and do in Laos

5. Colombia 

The Colombian Peso equals about 0.024 INR. With quaint cobblestoned towns preserving the colonial charm, the mighty Andes standing tall, virgin Caribbean coasts, the mysterious Amazonian jungles and cryptic ruins, all rolled into one, Colombia is a treasure trove for a passionate traveller. Perched amidst the Andes, Bogota, the capital city has an easy-going and chic vibe, with the La Candelaria being its cultural center. Make sure you try some of the aromatic, fresh Colombian coffee at one of the city’s many cafes. Visit a coffee plantation in Fusagasuga, 1.5 hours away, as a day trip from the city.

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With its many attractions, Colombia makes for an exotic vacation on a budget


6. Sri Lanka 

The exchange rate of 1 Sri Lankan Rupee being equal to 0.46 INR makes India’s charming neighbour a very attractive option while planning your next trip. Colombo is no longer just a stop over before venturing into the charming hill country or the cultural triangle. Take a few days to explore the capital city’s treasures. Walk around the quaint Dutch Hospital precinct with its chic cafes and bars, shop at Barefoot, and bargain at Pettah market. Head to Nuwara Eliya in the hill country to unwind amidst the endless tea plantations with a piping cuppa. If you have enough time, make sure to visit the as-yet unexplored East – Uppuveli and Nilaveli, little coastal towns that are nothing like the booming resorts in the western coast, but have a charm that is unmatched.

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Prepare to be mesmerised by stunning beaches, plantations and temples


7. Indonesia 

Where else will you find a perfect mix of sandy beaches, lush paddy fields, mysterious temples with scintillating architecture, rejuvenating massages that make you forget all your worries, the Komodo dragon, active volcanoes that you can climb and world-class water sports facilities, all in one country? Indonesia really takes the cake for a value for money vacation that literally has everything you’ve ever dreamt of. And of course, some of that dark, rich Kopi Luwak! Bali, Yogyakarta, Gili Islands, Flores – plan your trip without a worry, the Indonesian Rupiah is about 0.0048 INR.

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Closer home, Indonesia offers a power-packed vacation for ardent travellers

So quit worrying about the money and plan your vacation to one of these superb destinations. 


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