There are indeed way too many bombs in the peaceful lives of gen Y. Here are some…

  • Whatsapp Bomb : Always bombarding your Whatsapp with stupid loooooooooonnngggggg forwarded messages, which end with, ‘Forward this to 100 people, including me, of course!’

  • Messenger Bomb : (mostly a he) this bomb clutters ur fb messngr with sudden pop-ups, like “hiiii” , “so hot dp” , “kaise ho yaar?”…and what not.

  • Grocery shop bomb : You’ve been waiting for a long time to get your household supplies at the para store. But then enters the pretty young aunt of the neighbourhood and she gets her stuff before you do. And you’re left saying, ” ki go kaku, aamar ta kokhun debe ?” *sigh*

  • Humiliation bomb : When random aunties ask what stream you’re pursuing and shudder in disbelief when you say “humanities”.

    hahaha lolz !!


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