What-are-some-of-the-best-moments-of-humanity ?

A Gorkha Indian Army personnel fights 40 robbers in a train to save a girl from being raped.

On September 2, 2010, the then 35-year-old Bishnu Shrestha after  retiring from his Gorkha soldier military service, when he had returned  to his homeland Nepal was on his way to Gorakhpur and was travelling in Maurya Express (Hatia-Gorakhpur), when 15 to 40[5][6] armed robbers attacked the train near Chittaranjan, West Bengal and robbed the passengers of their valuables (money, jewellery, cellular phones and laptops).
According to some reports, when the bandits reached Shrestha, he was  ready to give up his valuables, but then the 18 year old girl sitting  next to him was grabbed by the robbers, who wanted to rape her. The  girl, who knew Shrestha was a retired soldier, appealed to him for help.  So he pulled out the large, curved khukuri knife that all Gurkha soldiers (and many Gurkha civilians) carry, and went after the bandits.
In the narrow aisle of the train, a trained fighter like Shrestha had  the advantage. Although some of the bandits had pistols, they were  either fake, or mishandled by the frightened robbers. After about ten  minutes of fighting in the train aisles, three bandits were dead and  many were wounded, and the rest of them decided to drop their loot (200  cell phones, 40 laptops, lots of jewelry, and nearly $10,000 in cash)  and flee. The train resumed its journey promptly, in case the bandits  came back, and to get medical aid for the eight bandits who had been  injured by Shrestha.

When the intended rape victim’s family offered him a large cash reward,  he refused it with the following comment: “Fighting the enemy in battle  is my duty as a soldier. Taking on the thugs on the train was my duty as  a human being.”
Such selfless service and dedication to sacrifice for the good of others makes be believe in Humanity.


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