Shahrukh khan, Nehru Sb. , Mr. Bose !

Do not confuse with the title, go through the article. 🙂

This is a wonderful piece of time which we know not and how nature and time works for us we dont realize in our tight schedule. We are really too busy and engrossed in the hunt of better civilised life.

So here its start.

In 1940, Bose escaped house arrest and travelled to Japan via Afghanistan, Moscow and Berlin. The Japanese wanted to mobilise all Asians for a Greater Asian Co-prosperity sphere and asked him to lead the Indian National Army(INA). This comprised Indian POWs from British forces, who had run away from battle. In Singapore, Bose was received the rapture.         NOTE : (this para covers Indian and other asian city of independence from British the Cruel and Cunning)

Bose was a nationalist, spurned  by Gandhi, who took his own path. By 1945, Japan had been nuked and Bose was dead in Taihoku, modern Taiwan. He’d led the INA all the way up to Imphal, Manipur where the Indian flag was hoisted for the first time. An INA memorial stands there today. NOTE : (generally people say,there is no evidence of Bose death,but this is my appeal to those infact majority are there which makes whole of the India, that this is the idea of some historians{whch is widely accptd} and some sects of archeologists believe that he is dead and research hints Taiwan)

Between 1945-46, the British tried INA  soldiers for war crimes. The three most famous ones, tried at the Red Fort, were colonels Prem Sahgal and Gurbaksh Dhillon and Major General Shahnawaz Khan(these were the ideals of  Bose,neither facist, nor communist, fiercely Nationalist). India erupted in fury, sparking a naval mutiny in Bombay. Three important lawyers defended them : Bhulabhai Desai, Asaf Ali, they are remembered by streets named after them in Bombay and Delhi, respectively. The third was Jawahar Lal Nehru, who donned his barrister’s robes for the first and last time at Lal Quilla. NOTE : (how interesting this is the behind the scene of our 1st Prime Minister :-D)

Year’s later, Nehru’s daughter, Indira Gandhi(1st lady P.M) invited Shahnawaz Khan to train the youth congress. And many years after that, Shahnawaz Khan’s grandson, a man called Shahrukh Khan, became one of India’s biggest star.

NOTE : this is the best to my knowledge any mistake done, please rectify me 🙂


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