Mahindra & Mohammed

This is not mere A POST, this is a precious information a silent motivation to all the spheres of Muslim Community.
We as a Muslim must know our legacy and should not lost our knowledge and wisdom at any point !
Struggle,Strive — YES we are MUSLIMS.

ijtihad post

There are many respected conglomerate in India like the Birla’s, Tata’s and Ambani’s. They are the representatives of industrious India or the India Inc. They are transforming India, many founded with the sole idea of transforming India. A few of these companies have very Interesting stories of their founders; stories of perseverance and hard work, which will inspire upcoming and budding entrepreneurs. One company which has been representing India Inc. globally has quiet an interesting story of its founding years. The story is about Mahindra and Mahindra, the torch bearer of “Made in India” in the automobile sector. Before India got Independence many companies and business houses were running successfully; but partition of India destroyed and ruined many business as they had to shift their bases; either it was India to Pakistan or vice versa . The partition not only broke friendships they broke businesses.

logo of mahindra & mahindra Mahindra & Mahindra (Image :…

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