In a match against Pakistan, Shoaib had run out of his bag of tricks against Sehwag. So he decided to come around the wicket and give a taste of some chin music with bouncers to Sehwag. His plan, to distract Sehwag.

  • After every ball to Sehwag, Shoaib comes up to him and says,


    Hook maar ke dikha

    Hook this ball, if you can

  • This frustrates Sehwag and he replies,


    Yeh bowling kar raha hai ya bheekh maang raha hai?

    Is he bowling or begging?

    To which even Pakistani fielders could not hold their laughter back.

  • After an over Sehwag realised Shoaib Akthar is going to stick with this tactic, so he goes up to Shoaib and says,


    Wo tera baap khada hai non-striker end pe, usko bol woh marke dikhayega.

    Tell it your dad at the non-striker end, he will show it to you.

  • The baap in the non-striker end was Sachin. Shoaib later bowled a similar bouncer to Sachin, and Sachin hit a sixer. After the six, Sehwag walks up to Akthar and says,


    Baap baap hota hai, beta beta hota hai.

    A son can’t try to dominate his Dad.


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