foodie for thought.

wen we were kids we always seemed to be hungry. But perhaps because of that anyone who seemed overly fond of food was called a greedy ‘guts’,or a glutton.

Times change. Today someone who obsesses about food is not called greedy guts. The person is called a foodie. And the word is not a pejorative;its a compliment. Food is no longer a stuff to meet the hunger now,even middle class also taking it as a food and going foodie. Varieties are there in the market,which implies there is no hunger of food,there is demand of luxury food,in cheap price or eating in tashan with a low cost.

I usually roam around esplanade,the heart of kolkata,my city. I dont have a camera,but I really want to capture those eating moments,that fun which happen every moment there.

Thanx to kolkata.


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