3 Time Travel Conspiracies.

Time travel has always been a fascinating topic and has also led to the birth of many conspiracies. Are these stories mere urban legend or is there some truth behind the seemingly impossible events described?

While no clear evidence for time travel exists, there have been some strange events that might make you question whether it’s possible, and it’s true that governments are great at covering up what really takes place—both in this timeline and probably others.

lets check number 3.

Andrew Carlssin

After investing $800 in the stock market, Andrew Carlssin made over $350 million dollars in just two weeks in March of 2003. Authorities were sure that insider trading was the reason behind the astronomical gains, and he was taken into custody for questioning during which Carlssin claimed to be from the year 2256. Which explains his wise investment.

After spending a month in custody, Carlssin was due to face trial, but he was unexpectedly released after an unknown man paid his $1 million bail. After his release, Carlssin disappeared without a trace.

It was later revealed that during his questioning, Carlssin correctly predicted the date of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, which could have been a lucky guess. However, further evidence supports Carlssin’s time travel claims. No records of the man can be found dating before December 2002, when he insisted he had arrived from the future. Also, since his disappearance in 2003, the feds haven’t been able to find Carlssin under any aliases. So is it possible that he returned to his own year after the investment plan didn’t go quite how he wanted it to?


Rudolph Fentz

Check no.2

In 1950 a man clad in 1870s garb was seen in the middle of busy Time Square. This man would later be identified as Rudolph Fentz after he was fatally hit by a car.

Not only was his confused state and clothing strange and out of place, but what was found in his pockets was baffling. He had a letter dated 1876, a metal coin good for a beer from an unknown tavern, a receipt for horse and carriage care, several vintage business cards, and some cash.

Okay, so anyone can put on an old suit, stuff some dated paperwork in their pockets, and wander around busy Time Square; but there are a few things about this story that bring time travel to mind. First of all, none of the documents or clothing showed yellowing, discoloration, or rips; they were pristine.

It was also unclear why the man was disoriented and wandering in the middle of one of the busiest streets in the US. Furthermore, police found no recent records for Rudolph Fentz, but after examining older archives discovered that a man by the name of Rudolph Fentz disappeared in 1876, the same date on the letter he was carrying.

Amazing ? or Confusing ? or Conspiracy ?

John Titor

My number one, at least he claimed of Time-Machine, the machine, product.

Probably one of the most well-known time travellers, John Titor supposedly arrived at our timeline in the year 2000 from the year 2036. This was when he began communicating with a growing number of people online, answering their questions and giving predictions and advice for the future. He also posted pictures of his time machine and explained how it worked.

Months after his posts began, Titor vanished claiming that he was going to go back to his own worldline. Although some of his predictions have not held up (like WWIII breaking out in 2015), there are some things that would be very hard for him to know without having come from the future; for example, the growing tension and war between Iraq and Afghanistan.

Because Titor hasn’t been seen or heard from, for the past fourteen years, it makes his story all the more mysterious. Maybe his travelling to this time has changed some major events that he predicted back in 2001. Who knows? Wherever Titor is now, hopefully, the catastrophes that he said would happen in the future have been prevented.

Hope you will find it beneficial, and time worthy.

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Here are the 09 things you can do with your Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes

However, he said that all notes in the lower denominations of Rs 100, Rs 50, Rs 20, Rs 10, Rs 5, Rs 2 and Re 1 and all coins will continue to be valid. Needless to say, this news comes as a huge surprise to the public.

Speaking at the event Modi also said,

Considering humanitarian grounds, a 72-hour-long window will be given before the announcement is put to action.



    1. While social media is abuzz with the future of the notes that are already in circulation, here’s what you and I can do with the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in hand:Deposit old notes at your nearest authorised banks or post offices between November 10 and December 30 (50 days) without any limit. There will, however, be a limit on withdrawal — Rs 10,000 per day and Rs 20,000 per week. This particular limit will be increased in the coming days.
    2. Old notes will also be accepted for railway ticket bookings and air travel booking for the next 72 hours.
    3. There is no restriction on the usage of any electronic mode of fund transfer, including non-cash payments made via cheques, demand drafts, and debit and credit cards.
    4. International airports will make arrangements for arriving passengers to exchange up to Rs 5,000 worth of old notes for the new legal tender.
    5. Petrol, diesel and CNG-authorised stations, crematoriums, milk booths, co-operative societies, and hospitals to accept the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes for the next 72 hours.
    6. Banks and post offices gear up for long queues starting from November 10. Any exchange after November 25 will require ID proof.
    7. Starting from November 9, some ATMs will not be functioning. For the first few days, there will be a limit of Rs 2,000 per day per card which will be further extended to Rs 4,000.
    8. If one misses the December 30 date to exchange their currency notes, they can still approach the designated RBI offices with the old notes and submit a declaration with ID proof.
    9. There will be no change in the form of currency exchange be it a cheque, DD, payment via credit or debit cards etc.

All banks will remain closed on November 9 for public work.

Speaking at the special nationwide TV address, Modi took a firm stand on corruption by scrapping all Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes with immediate effect. Stating from February 2017, the RBI will start issuing Rs 2,000 notes as well.

This announcement comes at the end of a day on which he met the three chiefs of the armed forces — Army Chief Dalbir Singh, Navy Chief Sunil Lanba, and Indian Air Force Vice Chief BS Dhanoa — to review India’s security following the tension with Pakistan.

Brief on Startup Funding.

If we humans don’t have anything to give or to serve humanity with, the least and powerful we can do is to spread authentic knowledge among others. This article may be not 100% correct but still is reliable to understand basic in brief.

So let’s start 🙂

When we startup, we need funds. Two ways are there. Either Loan or fundraising. Fundraising has also a different variant. First, skip loan and let’s talk about fundraising. With fundraising, we will only discuss Investors fund.

Now it has two types.

A) Angel Investor.

B) Venture Capitalist.

Who are angel investors?

Angel investors are big businessmen, CEO’s of big companies. They give fund to our startups. With the fund, they also provide know-how of our business, loopholes in our business model, improvisation of your business model and along with investments the bonus part.

But VC’s are different people. They will give investment but they won’t provide the know-how of your business. VC in itself is a company you can say which takes money from big businessmen and invest in your startup. So if your startup makes a profit, they also grow with profit without any mental pressure. We can take this as an example, as like share market brokers. ( sorry, kinda low example I found to compare).

Now, you go to investors, tell them about your company valuation and ask for a fund. For ex. Your company valuation is Rs. 10cr. And I want to give my 10% stake to you. Means you are taking Rs.10cr.

After this, within few days you get two options :

  1. VC
  2. Angel Investor

VC say they will give Rs. 40 lacs on 8cr valuation.

Angel says they will give Rs. 60 lacs for 6cr valuation.

So, if we see according to the offers, VC’s offer is far better than Angel. But we know that Angel helps us in know-how and they also use their networks. They will help us in making big plays of the market and VC is giving good money. Now, what we are doing, we are taking both the offers and will be negotiating with Angel, that my company’s valuation is 8cr. Now we get 1cr and our 10% stake gets diluted. Now we only have 90% stake.

With this Rs. 1cr we are doing business and spent all without making a profit. Here comes the 2nd round of investment, and we go to the investors and tell the valuation 10 times higher. Now our pitch will be for rs.100 cr valuation. Again we dilute 10% for 10cr. And we have to dilute it from our own personal remaining stake. Because before investing the investor’s sign an agreement known as SHAREHOLDER AGREEMENT.

In this agreement, there is a clause which states that if you are investing in a company your share will not get diluted. So, if we are taking 2nd round of investment, we have to dilute our own personal stake. Now, our business grows a little and there is a need to expand to different states of the country, and for this, we are going for the 3rd round of investment. In this round we will say our company valuation is Rs.500 Cr. (any figure but high value) From now, our balance sheet starts showing the profit, this is unlike last two investment, where we took investment but unable to make the profit. As now our company started making the profit, we took the smart way of the buyout, where we show the value of our company as Rs. 2000 Cr. and we sell all our remaining stake in our negotiable amount. Big companies agree with this move but they too are quite clever. They know as we are the best person who knows every angle of this business and this industry as you will leave then may the business will fall again. So they give a certain amount of money in the form of shares and make you associated with the company.


Even if not this option, there is another medium too, we know as IPO. where you list your company shares in stock market and your investors are general public 🙂

Hope I am able to out some light on this, not the best one I know.

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Let’s talk about TRP

Hello friends. First of all, before writing, let me tell, I was extremely busy in my startup and it was quite hard for me to pull extra minutes for blogging. Sowie 😦

I have picked one of the most talkable term of last and this century, to check how many of us actually know what science is there, behind every art.
Definition. What is TRP? It is Television Rating Point.
The rating is calculated and for that, the tv channels are ranked. In India, it is been calculated by BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council)
They calculate every week and publish the data on their official website on Thursday of every week. Their official website is http://www.barcindia.co.in
They calculate the number of the impression on an average of 60secs.
Now, many of us may get curious how BARC calculate TRP ?
First of all, they never calculate on every household which are watching tv channels. Hehehe, this would be tougher than rocket science in India.
They select some households and install devices and through that, they make an average of those households. They have their own methodology to select households. A research study used to gather specific details of households and individuals to be used together with Census data in the preparation of universe estimates for TV audience characteristics – geographic, demographic, socio-economic status, etc. The Establishment Survey also serves as a randomly selected pool of TV-owning households for use in the ongoing selection and recruitment of panel household. Now with this methodology, they get to understand which household is capable and to whom to select, with this the team goes and install the device.


The Toys

(P.C – Ad Age)

Now, what does this device do? Before that let me tell you, that BARC has almost tied-up with 90% channels. And with these channels from wherever they come to our house through any set-top boxes or dish tv kinda toy, they put an audio watermark. The sound which is flowing through that channel, in between that they out watermarks, which human ears cannot listen ( some frequency game champ ) but the device is capable to catch that. Now, again I don’t know whether they are only using for the calculation of TRP or any other purposes. With this watermark, they are easily able to track which channel is on.
The question arises here if someone opens the channel for the whole night and slept, or any other way then the data will be damaged. Yes, this is possible, and for that reason, they never collect data from every household. They collect with some of them for some time and other for another time. The data which get collected is too much, they get into the process of data mining and partly form all this, it is an approx of data.
BAR-O-meter is the device which they install. According to BARC, it is placed in the 3lacs home and they also monitor if it gets damaged or hampered.
An example, hehe. If being an entrepreneurial mindset, I make a deal with any channel and I agreed that I will make their channel run whole night and will raise the TRP. But they put lots of effort to save this when they collect all the data, they make assumptions too. Suppose, if it is evening and in that household kids are present, then chances are it will a kid channel, cartoon network sort of. And if the same channel is running in the late night or say post 9 pm, then there is definitely a loophole. This is one of the kinds of example, they have their own set of protocols, and keeping eye on these protocols, they check activity related with this on households and if they find any household breaching they penalize and remove the device. After all, it is a responsible body for advertisements data. A company shell out 30-40k for a sec to show on any high TRP channel.
The process is full of bugs. Though every technical thing has. According to a report, when they started this, it was showing 50% people watching English channels in villages. So many a times data goes wrong, but yes approximately they show and on the basis of this data, advertisers show their advertisement.
Next time, when you removing any channel in between any advertisement, just understand the agony of advertisers loss on your one sec.

I hope I kept it brief and understandable.

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The lazy student’s guide to taking notes in class !

I consider myself a very lazy person, in all my form and aura. Yes everybody can laugh. I only find inspiration by the quote of Bill Gates,

Choose a Lazy Person To Do a Hard Job Because That Person Will Find an Easy Way To Do It

May be I was very smart too in class, coz I used too carry one copy for all the 6academic stuffs. haha6

So, I found this on web, and thought to share with everyone, through this lazy blog of mine, where I write with a gap of decades. Thanks for the people who follow me, they really tolerate this. LOL !

Enjoy with info-graphics.

This infographic by #WBSA in conjunction with Urbanest will help you take notes like a pro:

2_ lazy student’s guide to taking notes

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